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Green ecology atomization washing


Textile Industry is one of the important industries to China and even the global economy, but behind the huge role of textile industry in the economy and society, and behind its sexy and fashionable image, there may be unbearable pollution costs hidden.

In recent years, the pollution problem of denim processing has been widely concerned by public opinion, and the denim industry is facing a severe challenge. The processing of denim garment industry consumes a lot of water, generates a large amount of wastewater, and the concentration of pollutants in the wastewater is high. Nowadays, under the trend of environment protection, major denim manufacturers are introducing new technologies, new equipment, and new chemical additives in order to achieve green transformation and development.

Advanced technology is the core driven by the green denim in the new era, by introducing advanced equipment, a new type of washing process of denim- atomization washing has been achieved.

Atomization Washing

Atomization Washing is the process that, atomizing a small amount of water with chemical additives, to replace the traditional washing process. Atomization Washing can complete 60%-70% washing process, save 40% of water. If all the washing process complete in the atomization washing machine, it can save at least 50%-60% of water


The atomization washing machine adopts an environmentally friendly concept design, which has the advantages of saving time, electricity, process flow, and materials, achieving energy conservation and emission reduction. Dual benefits can be achieved in controlling production costs and efficiency.Using a spray atomization system to replace traditional soaking methods greatly reduces water consumption, while also turn chemical solutions in more micronisation and distributing evenly on the surface of textiles. Through atomisation, reducing the impact of chemical solutions to fibres. The spray mold system integrates the traditional "desizing" and "fermentation grinding" processes into one, effectively saving production time, water, electricity, and steam, It leading result to moving towards to zero emissions by taking another step forward.

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