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As a caring and responsible enterprise, West Brown Textile takes the initiative to undertake social responsibilities
In line with the charitable heart of giving back to the society, vigorously promote social welfare undertakings
Since 2016, I have gone to Yunnan and Gansu to carry out public welfare activities. Next, I will go to Daliangshan, Sichuan. The footsteps of West Brown's public welfare will not stop.
On May 6, 2016, West Brown Textiles and the non-profit organization for love took 5 days
Crossed mountains and cliffs and visited 2 schools and 5 extremely poor families in the mountainous area of Yunnan
Seeing the unprecedented poverty-stricken households, the donations of clothing, books, Frisbees and other materials are worth more than 70,000 yuan
Helped 440 primary school students and provided financial assistance to 5 particularly difficult families
In May 2017, West Brown Textile Co., Ltd. carried out a public welfare activity to save the environment for AiMaijin Public Welfare Organization
After an 8-day trip to "turn the desert into an oasis", the West Brown Textile team entered the Minqin area threatened by the desert to plant Haloxylon
And in the form of materials and funds, it has subsidized families who are struggling to live, and advocates green environmental protection, which should be the values that every enterprise upholds.
In order to implement the concept of environmental protection, West Brown is committed to developing environmentally friendly green production lines to produce environmentally friendly denim
The leprosy village in Daliangshan gathers lepers from Sichuan
The development here is backward, the environment is harsh, and people live in extreme poverty. In order to help the poor old people and children in the leprosy villages
West Brom join hands for love, the charity organization will march into the depths of the Daliang Mountains around June this year to bring them hope with actions
A professional medical team will be organized to conduct free on-site consultations in leprosy villages, and medical care points will be established in each village to provide certain medicines and equipment
It also provides health knowledge training for local villagers and village cadres, and will provide material and financial assistance to disabled families in special difficulties.
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