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West Brom cares for left-behind children



Children's Day on June 1st is the expectation of childhood, but some children have never celebrated Children's Day
Poverty forces them to take on the burden of life at a young age, and they have no chance of a happy childhood.
Minqin, Gansu, the ecological environment is harsh
Zihan, born in Jiahe Township, is 14 years old this year
The father died, the mother ran away from the poverty, leaving a family of young and old
Grandpa and grandma are not in good health. As they get older, it gets worse and worse. It becomes more and more difficult to pull three children.
The days were difficult, and the children realized the hardships of life prematurely, and spent their extra-curricular time doing housework and farm work.
The happy childhood time was filled with labor
Grandpa said: "I only have one wish, that is to live a few more years.
No matter which stage I can accompany them to, one more step is a step, and the three of them are helpless and can't rest assured. "

West Brom 2021 autumn and winter fabric accessories exhibition - let technology have a touch

In golden autumn and October, the blue sky is like washing, cool and comfortable. The national flag of the street lamp fluttered in the wind, silently blessing the National Day. The rising sun shines on the prosperity of the country, and fireworks bloom everywhere. After the National Day holiday, finally ushered in the China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Autumn and Winter Expo

Committed to environmental protection, West Brom is in action

June 5, 2021 is the 50th World Environment Day. Adhering to the business philosophy of focusing on denim fabrics all over the world, West Brown Textile will be committed to promoting the integration of green denim into the company's important charter, and playing a green melody in the journey of striving for a first-class denim textile enterprise.
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