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SEBORN helps poor families



SEBORN joins hands to make the desert into an oasis for love. In addition to saving Minqin in the desert, it also pays attention to the people who are struggling to live on this land.
Minqin, Gansu Province is next to the Alxa Desert, with harsh natural conditions and difficult living conditions for the people
In such an environment, the growth of crops is more difficult
The living environment is so difficult, and the sudden disaster makes it unsustainable for this impoverished family
Uncle Zeng from Jiahe Township, Minqin County, his wife was paralyzed due to an accident and could not take care of herself at all
As husband's uncle Zeng, taking care of his paralyzed wife and young daughter, he never leaves
The harvest was not good, the prices of agricultural products fell, and the income was beyond the means. Uncle Zeng’s wife was identified as a third-level disability, and she could hardly get government subsidies.
SEBORN and Miles Media supported this struggling family with materials and funds
It was Uncle Zeng who showed us ordinary but great love
We can't let this strong family get overwhelmed like this
SEBORN Textile will spare no effort to help Minqin, and will call on more people to join us to help Minqin in Gansu and Minqin in China



West Brom 2021 autumn and winter fabric accessories exhibition - let technology have a touch

In golden autumn and October, the blue sky is like washing, cool and comfortable. The national flag of the street lamp fluttered in the wind, silently blessing the National Day. The rising sun shines on the prosperity of the country, and fireworks bloom everywhere. After the National Day holiday, finally ushered in the China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Autumn and Winter Expo

Committed to environmental protection, West Brom is in action

June 5, 2021 is the 50th World Environment Day. Adhering to the business philosophy of focusing on denim fabrics all over the world, West Brown Textile will be committed to promoting the integration of green denim into the company's important charter, and playing a green melody in the journey of striving for a first-class denim textile enterprise.
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