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SEBORN made a perfect appearance at the 2017 spring and summer fabric accessories exhibition




In this exhibition, we met with old and new friends, communicated with each other, and passed on the environmental protection concept of SEBORN this exhibition.

We gained a lot at the exhibition








SEBORN takes the concept of environmental protection as the core, and brings various elements such as technology, fashion, function, denim style and so on.

Presented dozens of high-quality fabrics for domestic and foreign merchants

On-site visits and negotiations continue

Many merchants placed large orders on the spot






SEBORN came to the webcast room to meet the global audience face to face. More than 110,000 viewers watched the live broadcast of this exhibition

SEBORN's environmental protection concept has been well disseminated









SEBORN held a public welfare launching ceremony at the booth, and the cowboy's environmental protection heart infected many audiences at the scene

The launch ceremony also invited singer Shi Yufan, a little dark horse, to sing

In the coming May, Shi Yufan will also set off with SEBORN volunteers








In the "SEBORN · Cross-border resources will become a new breakthrough in the textile industry" seminar

SEBORN deeply analyzes and integrates cross-border resources and conducts cross-border marketing






This exhibition SEBORN has a full harvest and a perfect ending. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all colleagues for their concern and support to SEBORN.

SEBORN will continue to interpret denim fashion for you, so stay tuned


West Brom 2021 autumn and winter fabric accessories exhibition - let technology have a touch

In golden autumn and October, the blue sky is like washing, cool and comfortable. The national flag of the street lamp fluttered in the wind, silently blessing the National Day. The rising sun shines on the prosperity of the country, and fireworks bloom everywhere. After the National Day holiday, finally ushered in the China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Autumn and Winter Expo

Committed to environmental protection, West Brom is in action

June 5, 2021 is the 50th World Environment Day. Adhering to the business philosophy of focusing on denim fabrics all over the world, West Brown Textile will be committed to promoting the integration of green denim into the company's important charter, and playing a green melody in the journey of striving for a first-class denim textile enterprise.
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